Centre of Excellence @ McLaren

McLaren Technology Headquarters

vStream were tasked to tell ‘The Story of Data’ through the design, development and build of an interactive installation at McLaren’s headquarters in Woking. The brief was to build an installation that told the story of SAP’s Partnership with the McLaren Technology Group and their world famous Formula 1 team.

vStream developed a futuristic version of Mission Control, the nerve centre of the F1 team, complete with the worlds’ first life sized gesture controlled hologram. An replica Pitwall was constructed, complete with interactive applications that use gamification techniques to help tell the SAP story. The installation also included a 6ft interactive switchable glass touch wall that allowed visitors to change a glass wall into a frosted interactive touch screen with a simple gesture.


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McLaren Technology Experience

Directional speakers delivered sound directly to the visitors ears allowing the interactive story to have narration and sound FX.

Visitors could further interact with the installation through a monolithic style touch table comprising of three 46” multitouch screens with object recognition capabilities. Visitors can place replica items on display, like Jenson Buttons race wheel or a cog from the gearbox, directly onto the table and once recognised additional interactive information about the item is displayed on the table.

Augmented Reality Glasses

Finally visitors are invited to put on Augmented reality glasses for a realtime augmented reality data demonstration. The installation was such a success that is was heralded ‘best in class’ by SAP for all their sponsorship activations, and led vStream on to work with the company on may other innovation led activations, including Super Bowl 50.